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At CSI MR, we leverage our extensive industry experience to support clinical trials. We are determined to marry our industry experience, knowledge of local practices and pragmatic approach, to effectively apply them in clinical trials (initiated by investigators or upcoming biotechs). We are nimble and flexible, to assist customers in navigating the clinical trials environment in Asia Pacific and at the same time provide cost-effective and operationally efficient clinical solutions, to fulfil our clients' needs. ​We believe our solutions allow customers to continually focus on patient safety and care, plus the development of science, while lessening the burden of managing clinical trials. We aim to disrupt many of the current outdated clinical trial processes by implementing innovative automation. We want to concentrate on what really matters to us most, patient safety. 

CSI Medical Research 有着多年在东南亚国家的开展临床项目的经验。2017年开设的CSI Medical Research, 已经在新加坡,马来西亚,越南,泰国,菲律宾 和印尼 开展过无数的临床项目。我们的目标是在这基础上, 建立一个真正的以东南亚为中心的合同研究组织 (Contract Research Organization). 中国的制药公司,生物技术公司和医疗器械公司对产品在东南亚地区销售潜力非常有兴趣。因此在东南亚开展临床项目就是兵家必争之地。CSI Medical Research 对这区域的了解,伦理或监管局的章程和法规的熟悉还有对研究中心的操作认知, 都可以是贵公司的首选的合作战略伙伴。 我们注重的是病人或受试者的在项目里的安全监管和高质量的临床数据。在这几年,我们已经和多家公司合作,在这里开展多个项目, 其中还有人体首次一期临床试验。CSI Medical Research 有着和中国企业合作的根基,有信心可以帮助更多的企业完成他们的进军东南亚的决心。 


We have extensive experience in executing clinical trials in South East Asia.


We are working on nearly 50 Clinical Studies in the region. 


We manage Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Investigator Initiated Trials, Nutraceuticals and real world studies. 


Our studies range from Phase I First-in-Human, Proof-of-concept to real world data collection.

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