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Our Company.

Clinical Solutions Innovating Medical Research aka CSI Medical Research Pte Ltd (CSI MR) is a contract research organisation (CRO), providing innovative, cost-effective, and efficient clinical solutions in Singapore since 2017. We believe in implementing innovative automation by focusing on patient safety and care in clinical trials. ​ CSI MR has extensive industry experience, knowledge of local practices, regional ethics and regulatory requirements and site operations, making us your preferred strategic partner for collaborations. We hope to aid more companies to confidently enter the Southeast Asian market with us with, for innovative and cost-effective solutions. ​ CSI MR has recently set up its entities in Malaysia (2020) and Australia (2022). We aim to be recognised as ‘S.E.A’s more trustworthy CRO by 2025, with the focus on delivering our many services in clinical trials within Asia Pacific Countries. ​ For more information email us at

Here at CSI Medical Research, management is a profession as well as an art that we have nurtured and developed over the period of time. Our management team has showcased some of the most interesting and talented works in this field and industry.

'Team' – A group of members forming together to work on a task. For CSI Medical Research, our team is nothing less than a family. We strive together to work towards a common goal by helping one another as well as constantly learning new things as we progress on.

CSI Medical Research's vision, mission and aim is to...

CSI Medical Research has its own set of company cultural values – S.A.F.E. It stands for...

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