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Our Team.

'Team' – a group of members forming together to work on a task. For CSI Medical Research, our team is nothing less than a family. We strive together to work towards a common goal by helping one another, as well as constantly learning new things as we progress on. 

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Our company's management team is responsible for leading and directing the organisation towards its goals. Their key roles include strategic planning, decision-making, organisational leadership, financial management, performance monitoring, talent management, stakeholder management, and risk management.


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In the clinical trials industry, the roles of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA), and Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) are distinct and contribute to different aspects of clinical trials.


Each role contributes to the successful execution of clinical trials, with CRAs focusing on monitoring and compliance, CTAs providing administrative support and logistics coordination, and CRCs overseeing trial coordination, participant interaction, and documentation management. Collaboration and teamwork are essential for effective trial execution.


BD and Marketing

The Business Development and Marketing team plays a vital role in driving the company's growth and success. They conduct market research, develop marketing strategies, generate leads, drive sales, build relationships, manage the brand, promote products/services, explore market expansion opportunities, and collect customer feedback.


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MY Team

Clinical trials in Malaysia offer several advantages, including access to a diverse patient population, a well-established healthcare infrastructure, competitive costs, efficient regulatory processes, favourable intellectual property protection, supportive government initiatives, high English proficiency, and strategic geographical location.


These factors make Malaysia an attractive location for conducting clinical trials, facilitating patient recruitment, ensuring quality research, and providing potential cost savings and regulatory efficiency for sponsors and research organisations. However, it's important to carefully evaluate each trial's specific requirements and take into account local considerations before making a decision.

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